Brandon - Class of 2012

by Amy Rhodes
 I am always excited when I get to shoot High School Seniors.    I never know what I'm going to get. Are they going to be nervous?  Too cool?  Not cool enough?  Am I going to be able to act like a total dork and get pictures of them that show their inner personality - the ones their parents are familiar with?

When I met Brandon, I knew he was going to be easy.   Come on - how could a kid with a smile like this not make your session a total success?

The best part of the session was towards the end.  Brandon is getting ready to serve his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and needed a picture to be turned in with his application.  He didn't think the Faux-hawk was appropriate.  After we had spent about 45 minutes taking pictures his mom pulled out a spray bottle and a pair of scissors and gave him a haircut fit for a missionary - right in the middle of the mall!  Most kids would have freaked out, not Brandon!  He checked out his reflection in a nearby window, ran his fingers through his hair, buttoned up a clean white shirt and slipped on a suit coat.  Voila!!!  A Missionary.