The Olivia Act

by Amy Rhodes

Last week I was checking my facebook page when I saw several of my friends, who are also photographers, post something about The Olivia Act.  I had no idea what it was, but did a little research and found out more.  The Olivia Act was inspired by the children and educators who lost their life at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  

Olivia‚Äôs family had family pictures taken a shortly before she was killed and I can only imagine how precious they are now that she is no longer here on earth. Upon hearing this, a photographer who wishes to remain anonymous was moved to give away a family photo shoot and has challenged other photographers to do the same. So often, families want to have professional pictures done, but don't have the funds to do so.  As a photographer, I am more than happy to accept the challenge and participate in this act.

If you know of a family who is struggling and would love to have their picture taken, please nominate them.  To nominate a family, please click "contact me" on the top of this page and leave me a message in the section provided.  The session will take place sometime after the new year and will be completely FREE to the family being nominated. The session will include my time and talents and will take place in Las Vegas, NV.   They will also receive 30 digital images with a print release as well as an 11 x 14 portrait of their family.  I will be taking nominations until January 16th.  I will then contact the family by email and let them know they have been chosen. 

I encourage all photographer to participate in this meaningful act.