Day 1 of 365 (keep your fingers crossed)

by Amy Rhodes

I have always wanted to participate in the 365 project.  The problem is I always remember that I wanted to do it around the 5th of January.  Then I want to give myself a wedgie because it's called project 365, not 360.   Today while I was finishing off the last of our Christmas chocolate and watching a movie (my diet doesn't start until tomorrow when the hubbie goes back to work and the holidays are REALLY over) I remembered I wanted to play along, so I grabbed my camera and went in search of one of the kids.  

In all seriousness...I decided that I want my focus of this project to be my life around the house with the kids and my husband.  I want each of you to know that it is very possible for you to create these images, too.  Not only will I be posting the picture, but I will also do a pull back so you can see the light that I used to create the image.  

I'm not promising that I will post every single picture I take, but I promise that I will be taking a picture every day.  Sometimes I will use my D700, sometimes my D90and other times my iphone.  I will post the camera I used and the settings  so you can start getting an idea of how to use your camera's manual functions.   My goal is for you to see that beautiful images are possible with any camera you have.  

Wish me luck.  

Thomas was the focus of the first day.  This is what you can find him doing way too often.  He was hiding out in our front room.  This room is horrible as far as light is concerned.  It is a dungeon because the only light that comes in is from the front window.  Unfortunately, the window is shaded by a patio cover so it doesn't get quality light.   I had him sit on the floor so the light that did come in would hit his face.

Why I like this picture:  I love how the light hitting his face directs me to look there first. I also really like his little pointed finger getting ready to make his move.  I also love his socks that are too big.  His socks are always too big or too small!  I can never seem to get it right.  I love that I now have that part of his 7-year-old life recorded.

Something I learned from taking this photo:  Do you see where his left hand is?  Because his hand is closer to the camera than his face is, his hand looks a little distorted - like a little on the big side.  Does it ruin the picture for me?  No.  Is it something that I now know to watch for while I am taking pictures in the future?  Yes.

D700 1/100  F1.8  ISO800

D700 1/100  F1.8  ISO800