3 of 365 - They don't always have to look at the camera.

by Amy Rhodes

I had a photo shoot today in Calico Basin up in Red Rock.  It was a friend of mine so I was able to bring my kids with me to hang out and watch their mom in action.  Clara was insistent we bring her baby with us.  When we pulled into the parking lot I told her that we were going to have to leave the baby in the car because we had to walk for a while.  She told me she couldn't leave the baby in the car and said she would be fine carrying her the entire time.  I had my doubts and had visions of myself hauling my camera gear in one hand and a baby doll in the other.  

She surprised me.  She carried the baby the entire time.  She was the perfect little mother.  Only once did she interrupt what I was doing to ask me to wrap the baby up.

I don't have a pull back today, but I wanted to point out one thing.  it is perfectly fine to take pictures of your kids when they are not posed and smiling at the camera.  (It is not cool to take pictures of other peoples' kids when they are not paying attention.  That is just creepy.)  I almost always think the images are better because they tell the true story of what was happening    Sometimes when you ask them to "say cheese" you lose the special moment.  I was watching Clara walk back to the car this afternoon and I loved how she was toting her baby. She was in the moment, she was being a Mom.  I snapped the picture and I love it.  I knew I was going to disturb the moment if I asked her to smile for the camera.  I wanted to illustrate the point so I asked her to turn around and smile for the camera.  I think the picture perfectly illustrates what losing a "moment" looks like.  

D700  200mm  1/320  F 3.2  ISO 320

D700  200mm  1/320  F 3.2  ISO 320