by Amy Rhodes

Red is my favorite color.  I have a purse that's red, a few pairs of shoes, pants, pans and towels.  A few months ago I was talking to a friend of mine and he accused me of playing favorites to red heads in photography portfolio.  At first I looked at him trying to come up with something clever in my defense, but I realized he was just speaking the truth.   I DO love to photograph red heads.  I've actually always had a thing for red heads.  My grandpa Joe was known as "Red" to everybody in the family.  My Dad had red hair. The first boy I kissed after my high school homecoming dance was a red head with a TON of freckles.  It shouldn't surprise you I married a red head.  I hit the ultimate jackpot with my 2 kids, both of them are Gingers.  During the Summer I often make them sit in front of me so I can examine their face and count the new freckles that seem to multiply during the season.  I make such a big deal about the freckles. I want them to be just as excited to see them pop up as I do.  

Since Sunday is St. Patricks day I thought I would do a special post dedicated to a few redheads I have photographed. (Get it?  St. Patricks = Irish People = Red Hair = I'm Brilliant) In no way is this all of them, just a few that I pulled out of my archives this afternoon.  I hope you enjoy their beauty as much as I do.