by Amy Rhodes

Summer.  I live in Las Vegas, so sometimes "summer"  is a curse word.  It's HOT!  The kids are home from school and my job as a taxi driver morphs into cruise director.  We try to swim a few days a week, but there is only so much public pool time we can take!  I decided to focus today on what our summer looks like outside the pool. 

Summers are... 


Lazy mornings eating cereal - enjoying the peace and quite until big brother wakes up.


We spend lots of time at the library.    


And Target becomes an experience, rather than an errand.   


Bikes and scooters come out as the sun sets on the horizon. 


And freckles make their debut due to the over-abundance of sun.  


What does your summer look like?  Head on over to Beth's Wendland's blog. She is an amazing sports photographer disguised as a hazelnut farmer.