The Death of Pretty

by Amy Rhodes
I read an article a few months ago entitled The Death Of Pretty . It is about how girls are not trying to be pretty anymore, they are trying to be hot. The author defines pretty as a mutually enriching balanced combination of beauty and projected innocence. I understand what the author is writing about, but I have had the opportunity to work with MANY pretty girls this year. Every girl I have photographed has been pretty. Including Brooklyn. She proves that Pretty is still alive and going strong. What a beautiful, talented and kind young lady she is. I was so impressed with her and I loved photographing her.

The afternoon we did her session I had forgotten that my husband was taking my son on a Father and Sons camping trip. Because all the other girls I knew were out with their moms, I decided to bring my daughter Clara with us. I was so glad I did. She did a great job getting Brooklyn to relax and have fun. More importantly, my daughter was able to see that you can be gorgeous, beautiful, friendly and pretty all at the same time.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Brooklyn!