Party of 8

by Amy Rhodes
Sometimes you get to experience opportunities in your life to feel really old. The day I photographed this family was one of them.

Dana, the mom, and I met each other in Jr. High. We would ride carpool together. There were 5 girls in the car pool and 4 seatbelts in each of our moms' cars. Who am I kidding - we didn't wear seatbelts back then. We would pile into the car. And squish. Dana and I haven't seen each other for 20 years, but through the magic of facebook we met up again.

Back to the photo shoot, Why did I feel so old? Dana's daughter is the same age we were when we were squeezing into the sedans back in Jr. High. It doesn't seem possible.

Lucky for her, she hasn't aged a bit either! We both still look the same.