Halloween Pictures

by Amy Rhodes

I love Halloween.  It is one of the few days I get to live vicariously through my kids.  Okay - I am always living vicariously through my kids - I might as well be honest.  

This year my kids decided to go "scary."  I would hear them talking to each other in the other room discussing the "scary club" and making sure the costumes were going to fit within the perimeters they set for themselves.

If you were to look back on my Halloween pictures from years ago when my kids were babies you would see one thing.  Their butt.  Every year I would grab my camera and take it with me when we went Trick-or-Treating.  They wanted nothing to do with getting their picture taken, they wanted to run to the doors and get as much candy as they could.  If I did get them to stop and pause for a picture they weren't happy and it was obvious in the picture.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking your camera trick-or-treating, just don't expect cooperative kids.

Here are a few tips for great photos on Halloween.

1.  Take the kids out before the sun goes down.  The best time to take a picture is a few minutes before sunset.  

2.  Turn off your flash.  Use the setting on your camera with the ghostbusters sign through the flash symbol.

3.  This is up to you, but the best place in my opinion to take a picture is on concrete.  Many times when you stick kids on grass they start to look like Elphaba with all the green surrounding them. Skin DOES reflect surrounding colors.  By taking the picture on concrete there is a neutral color tone and the light has nothing else to do but bounce off the ground and into your child's eyes.  When I was taking these shots I took the kids out to the middle of our street.  I felt like Wayne and Garth when they were playing street hockey.  Every few minutes we would yell "CAR!" and step to the side.  (Here is where I insert I am a big dork and yes I sill make references to the SNL Classic, "Wayne's World." )

4.  Set a time limit.  The day I took these pictures  we were heading to the Fall Festival at our elementary school.  They were dying to go but knew we had to get pictures out of the way before we got into the car.  They were more than happy to cooperate with me because it meant we got to leave earlier.  These took a total of 5 minutes.  

5.  Don't stress.  Some of my favorite pictures of my kids is when they ARE NOT looking at the camera.