Encinitas Sneak Peak

by Amy Rhodes

A couple months ago I posted on Facebook that I was going to be traveling down to Encinitas, California with my family and had time to do a couple sessions.  The photo shoot I was most excited about was these 2 girls.  They are sisters and are both in their senior year of high school.  Both girls are beautiful, both girls have their own unique personality.  Kimberlee is a accomplished Viola player and has been a member of several orchestras.  Caiti is an avid runner and makes it look so easy.  These girls used to live in my neighborhood before they moved to California and I would see Caiti running around the block all the time.  

We spent about 2 hours together and ended up at the beach at sunset.  Kimberlee had no problem getting in the water.  Caiti had no intentions of getting in the water.  She told me from the beginning of the session that she didn't "do" water or the ocean.  I told her that was fine and I would only have her stand on the beach.  

Neither of these girls let me down.  Kimberlee  started playing her Viola and all a sudden a wave came and engulfed her feet.  She kept on playing and didn't let the water or the small crowd that had gathered around to listen to her play bother her.  When it was Caiti's turn she stood on the sand and we got some beautiful pictures of her looking off into the sunset.  Then she surprised everyone and started to walk out into the water.  She was so excited and scared at the same time.  I knew I was capturing something special - she was conquering her fears and I was there to record the moment for her.  What an experience! 

Thanks for a fun, exciting afternoon girls!  Both of you are beautiful and have so much in store for your future.