Back when I blogged...

by Amy Rhodes

When my daughter was 3 months old I started a blog.  I did a really good job on it for quite a while.  Then I noticed a trend, each year the amount of posts got smaller and smaller.  I would say I was going to start up again and I never made it past a post or two.  My old blog actually reminds me of my journals I kept from the time I was young.  There are always entries that start out by saying, "I can't believe it's been so long since I have written" or "I've made a decision to be better about journaling." They were always followed by another entry made about 6 months later.  The same statements were always the first line of the entry.

I am starting to get the bug again.  I have so much I want to write about. I want to write about the pictures I take and the joy I feel when I work with a family I really connect to. I want to start writing about the crazy things my kids do that I should discipline, but secretly laugh about.  I want to write about the mundane things along with the profound.  

Today was a pretty good day.  My son had Superhero day at school.  I was thrilled when he told me he wanted to go as Captain Underpants.  I love his confidence and his sense of humor.  I love the fact that he is growing out his curly red hair and doesn't care that it is poofy.  I just love him!  


While he was at school I worked on editing for a couple hours with my daughter at my side.  She was busy playing the Ipad and constantly telling me we needed to go have lunch at Subway because they had $5 footlongs.  

I had to turn my Anti-social program on to get my editing done in a timely fashion (do you know how hard it is to get work done on a computer when facebook and pinterest are only a click away?).  Luckily, I had last night's episode of the Bachelor to listen to while I smoothed skin and sized images.

Here is a taste of what I worked on today...

As you can see, she is very convincing. 

As you can see, she is very convincing.