Blog Circle - New Life

by Amy Rhodes

New Life.  There are so many ways this term can be interpreted. I am choosing to focus on a season I look forward to every year.  Spring.  I still have friends posting pictures of recent snowstorms but here in the desert we are already in the thick of Spring.  Our popcorn trees have already lost their blossoms and have been replaced by new, bright green leaves.  

To celebrate the start of spring this week, I decided to take my kids on a field trip to the nursery.  What says new life more than rows and rows of starter plants waiting to be planted in the ground, watered and coaxed into growth?


Here are some quick tips for capturing authentic images of your children on a spring excursion to a nursery or at any other place you may choose to go.

1.  Anticipation - The key to getting great images is to stand back, wait and be ready  You know your kids, you know their habits.  I knew before we even stepped foot into the nursery that at one point or another, my daughter would hop in the wagon and my son would pull her around.  I was anticipating the shot so I was ready when it happened.  I also know my son well enough to know he wasn't going to miss out on the action.  Sure enough, he wanted a turn and hoped into the wagon and insisted Clara pull him.  

The best way to get these shots is to give them space to be themselves.  I positioned myself far enough away from my kids so they wouldn't be distracted by the camera and feel like they had to perform for it.  I let them take the lead.  I was using a 70-200 2.8 lens so I could zoom in on the action without getting in the way.


2.  Framing - Framing is a way to draw attention to your subject and it's as easy as it sounds.  When composing a picture, use other objects in the image to frame your subject.  


3.  Tell the story - When my friend dropped off my daughter after preschool, she jumped out of the car wearing these dress-up high heel shoes.  I found out she had smuggled them in her backpack and took them to school.  I think she made the switch in my friends car, but who knows!  She asked if she could wear them into the nursery and since I am the cool mom I said, "yes."  About 20 minutes into shopping she was regretting her decision. 


4.  Get up close - Don't be afraid to get close up shots.  You don't always need to see the setting.  Take a shot showing the entire scene and then zoom in and get a close up of the subject.


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