Fabruary 10 on 10

by Amy Rhodes

February 10th was a typical day.  The kids had school and I had errands to run. 

feb (200 of 10).jpg

We woke up and had breakfast.  

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Then it was time for Clara to take her medicine.  Last week she developed a crazy rash out of nowhere.  She didn't have a fever, sore throat and was acting completely fine.  I decided to take her into the Doctor because a few years ago the same thing happened to Thomas and it ended up being Scarlett Fever.   Sure enough, my suspicions were correct and Clara had Scarlett Fever also!  It is so crazy because she had no other symptoms but a rash!  I am so grateful for modern medicine to take care of these sicknesses that wrecked havoc on earlier generations.

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We waited while Thomas tied up he's converse.  PS - they take a long time to lace up, but that's ok.

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Dropped the kids off at school

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Came home and ate breakfast and did some editing.  

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Picked up Clara from kinder and then ran some errands.  

We ran over to Trader Joes to grab some Cookie Butter.  In the last week, 3 people asked me if I have had it yet.  I had no idea it even existed.  Thomas won't touch it because he has a nut allergy and has been trained not to go anywhere near anything that looks like peanut butter.  Clara and I gave it the taste test.  Our verdict:  Two thumbs way up for plain cookie butter, we didn't like the chocolate swirl.  

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We then made the obligatory stop at Target, because that is what you do when you have time to kill.

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We then picked up Thomas and came home for after school snacks.

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Clara made ride crispy treats for our Family night treat.

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Then jumped in the bath beca;use she made rice crispy treats.

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